Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning Wellington

Wasabi Air provides tailored heat pumps & air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses throughout the Wellington region. Contact us today for a free no obligation Quote

Our Heat Pumps

Our experienced team will carry out an in home consultation and provide you with a professional no-obligation quotation on a range of options including heat pumps, ducted systems, ventilation & PV (solar power).

When providing a heat pump quote we will assess the area to be heated and determine the size of the unit required, taking into account floor area, window sizes, insulation and other environmental factors. We advise on the best locations for the indoor and outdoor units and are happy to answer any questions.

We pride ourselves on making our appointments on time.

If you would like to heat your whole home then we can look at the option of a ducted heat pump system or multi head system with up to 8 indoor units connected. Tailoring the best heating solution for your home is what we specialise in.

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