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To keep your heat pump running at optimum efficiency; we recommend you clean the filters at least once every 3 months. In addition to this we recommend a service to be carried out by one of our experienced engineers. (approximately every 12 months, depending on usage and other conditions)

Heat Pump Maintenance Service

  • Clean and disinfect the filters and a general clean of the indoor and outdoor unit
  • Record the temperatures produced from the indoor unit in both heating and cooling - unexpected temperatures can indicate a fault with the system
  • Flush the indoor unit drain to confirm the drain is not obstructed
  • Noise, vibration and refrigerant leak tests
  • Spray the outdoor unit with an anti crawling insect product. Crawling insects look for warm areas such as circuit boards and can cause electrical shorting of these parts which is not usually covered by a manufacturers warranty

The cost for this service is from $120.00 incl GST for the first heat pump & $50.00 for extras.

To arrange for this service, please contact us.

Please note this does not include ducted or multi-head systems

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