When choosing a heat pump, deciding who will install your unit is as important as selecting the brand.

Heat Pumps Wellington

Free Quotations

Our experienced team will carry out an in home consultation and provide you with a professional no-obligation quotation on a range of options including heat pumps, ventilation or insulation.

When providing a heat pump quote we will assess the area to be heated and determine the size of the unit required, taking into account floor area, window sizes, insulation and other environmental factors. We advise on the best locations for the indoor and outdoor units and are happy to answer any questions.
We pride ourselves on making our appointments on time.

Heat Pump Solutions

If you are just looking to heat one area, for example a bedroom or living area we suggest a single, split level system which consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, connected by pipe work. We can discuss with you the different options of hi wall, floor console and ceiling cassettes to work the best solution for your needs.

Whole home solutions - ducted heat pumps and multi systems

If you would like to heat your whole home, we can offer either a Ducted System where discreet outlets sit in different rooms of the house, or a Multi System where you have a number of indoor units running from the one outdoor unit. Multi Systems are a great choice when you would like the option of different temperatures in different rooms of the house.

We can also look at a combination of single split system and Sleep Pump system. For example a hi-wall for the living area and Sleep Pump; for bedrooms.

New homes and renovations

When building a new property or carrying out renovations we can quote from plans and we also offer a ‘pre-pipe’ service where we run the heat pump pipes behind the walls while the gib is off.

Heat pump installation

Our heat pump installations are carried out by experienced technicians and we provide electrical certificates of compliances for all units installed. Once the job is complete, before we leave the house, we’ll make sure you know how to use the unit and that the property is left clean and tidy.

As Fujitsu approved installers we offer a 6 years parts and labour warranty on all Fujitsu heat pumps, all other brands carry a 5 year warranty.

Heat pump service

As well as installing your heat pump, our experienced team are able to service faulty units and attend breakdowns which is a major point of difference from other heat pump installers.

So, if you have a problem with your heat pump, just contact us and well come repair it.

Heat pump maintenance

To keep the heat pump running at its best, you need to regularly clean the filters which we will show you how to do after installation. We also recommend a regular heat pump maintenance check to keep your unit in optimum condition and to maintain its efficiency. more...

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