Wasabi Leasing

We can offer two leasing options, maintained lease and non maintained lease. The maintained lease covers all warranty breakdowns, maintenance two times per year, maintenance will be done as per suppliers recommendations, all breakdowns will be covered.
The non-maintained lease has a manufacturer's warranty on the units, does not include maintenance checks, breakdowns due to unit not being maintained properly will not be covered.

Benefits of leasing/renting

Up to 100% tax deductible - Operating lease financing
- Little impact on cash flow for your business
- Does not affect current funding facilities for your business
- Access to equipment immediately
- No CAPEX decision
- All breakdown parts and labour included for 5 years
Prices are per month and for a period of 5 years and does not include GST.

These prices include supply of indoor and outdoor units, 5m pipe, 10m cable run and outdoor bracketing, any extra piping or cabling, condensate pumps, wi will be extra. After 5 year options:

- Take replacement product written up on a new rental agreement, the new rental agreement will replace the old one.

- Purchase the system at a negotiated price with Wasabi Air.

- The customer contacts Finance Now to cease rental payments and Wasabi Air will uninstall the product (as required).

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